Our Story

The Inspiration

In a time way before Instagram and hashtags, a few master bakers in Holland created a Dutch batter treat called “Poffertjes.” Resembling small, fluffy pancakes.

These joyful treats, which later came to be known as “Mini-Pancakes,” were an instant rage across medieval Europe. Though simple and unsophisticated, this humble creation had the magic of carefully selected ingredients of which love was the key.

Inspired by this magical concoction and an unbridled passion, The Pancake Story is all about bringing that authentic taste and love to people across all age groups who relish the world of sweet surprises.

Brand Philosophy

The fresh new brand world aims to bring about a connect with the unique brand personality which reflects the nostalgia of the old world.

A world of goodness, passion and authentic taste that comes alive through the brand logo, the store ambience, decor and all the elements that are touch points of the brand with the consumer.

It aims to give the modern Indian gourmet lover the feeling of a world class dessert cafe set in against a European background.

The result a happy concoction of rich taste, love and passion.